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Why the Mountaineer Was Left Dying

Monday, June 26th, 2006

<p>This week I was shocked to hear this news: <a target="_new" href="" rel="nofollow">climbers passed man dying on everest</a>. I thought mountain climbers are of different nature and this kind behaviour was not expected from them. Sure enough, there was a hue and cry on this as described in this <a href="" rel="nofollow">article</a>. Then came this news : <a href="" rel="nofollow">Australian climber left for dead on Everest reaches base camp and is in good condition</a>. As I read few more articles, reports I came to know that some people did try to help him but it was difficult because he refused help as he was suffereing from hallucination which is pretty normal in that condition. It was still unbelievable that they would not notify the authorities who has more resources to help people like him. But as the news spread, authorities made impressive efforts and surprisingly found him alive and brought him down to safety. However, I am going to assume here that no one helped him and he was found Personnel files are maintained for employees who were employed with the <a href="">hazelwood school district</a> from the late 1900s Many converging factors suggest that he may experience joys and ordeals which are typical of the <a href=""></a> 8th House Pluto equation: power, end of things, instinct, possessions, struggles in order to draw resources from the depths of oneself, in a nutshell. to present day. dead as reported in the first article. As a writer/blogger I am allowed some licenses and I am going to use it. After researching extensively in psychology and interviewing numerous mountain climbers and thrill seekers, I came up with this list why the mountaineer was left dying on top on Mt. Everest. Hope you like it.</p>
<li>On the way to the top, no one is your friend.</li>
<li>If no one is helping him, there must be a reason.</li>
<li>Someone going up : Let me go to the top first, I will help him on the way down.</li>
<li>Someone going down : All my energy is gone, so f** tired. Let someone going up help him.</li>
<li>He is on top of Mt Everest, the highest point in this earth, so close to heaven, why would anyone want to back to noisy, polluted, filthy hell we call earth. Where else can one find a better place to die?</li>
<li>I am in a hurry to check out Everest, having paid so much money for the whole trip.</li>
<li>If I help someone like this guy and don"t return back in time I will miss the next episode of Apprentice or Desparate Housewives.</li>
<li>Helping an unknown person is always dangerous.</li>
<li>I have no minutes left on my cell phone to call for help.</li>
<li>Mountaineering is not for wimps. Who does"nt know it is such a macho thing. I am sure he knows it fully well and is not expecting any help. Trying to help him will only add insult to his injuries.</li>

Britney Spears's New Song : Give Me Baby One More Time

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

<p>Looks like Britney Spears is pregnant again as she herself announce it on David Letterman show. It was already of gaming space with 900 gaming machines and 17 table and poker <a href="">casino games</a> . rumoured that was the case. It is definitely good for her. In case you are curious, no I am not the father.</p>

A Plagiarist's Tale

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

<p>This week internet has exploded in news and analysis of Kaavya Viswanathan"s tale of plagiarism. I found <a href=";aid=100604" rel="nofollow">this article </a>to be very informative with lots of links to other resources. I definitely sympathize with her although I doubt it was an act of unintentional internalization, as she described it. But she is young, beautiful, charming, and claims to have a photographic memory (in fact I am also developing a photographic memory of her photographs available in the net), I hope she will get over this quickly and have a great literary career. Since her publisher has taken the book, "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life", off of the book shelves in the country, I wonder what they will do with those books. Just recycle it? The paper, of course. I don"t know why they don"t give it away for free to people like me. I never buy a book, always wait until it is made into a movie, and then wait until it comes to a <a href="">casino online</a> dollar theater near me. Alas, in this case, it will never happen. I sometime see if it is available for download from the internet and then I print it out and put it on the desk, making it carefully visible. But if I get book itself, guess how impressive it will be to people? Oh, what an avid reader he is, they will say. Then I can say how I thought some of the paragraphs may not have been her own. When asked how I came to this conclusion, I would rather smile and leave it to their imagination. I want to end with an appeal. Kaavya, do you find these writeups funny or enlightening? Then feel free internalize it. I won"t complain to anybody. If you even contact me, I can even write some stuff for you free as you seem to be very busy with harvard course work and constant push from publishers, which is probably what might have driven you to copying from other people"s writings. I also have another question? What about the people who has already bought the book? Why should not they be refunded?</p>

Chinese Breasts are Growing in Size

Monday, June 5th, 2006

<p>Looks like population is not the only thing that is getting big in China. In fact, their population is not growing at least, if not shrinking. But there is another growing problem brewing in China right now. According to a news article in <a target="_new" href="" rel="nofollow">Yahoo</a> , Chinese women are having larger breasts. I was disapointed to see no picture, but more on that later. Their <a href="">australian online casinos pokies</a> breasts are bigger than before because they are supposedly getting better nutrition. But is that the whole story? I think it <a href="">has online casino australia</a> to do with the breast enlargement technologies I keep hearing so much about. In fact, I get so much spam on it everyday. It is no secret internet is spreading in China and so they are getting those spams as well and probably trying those methods. I never knew China was suffering from manutrition. We are not talking Ethiopia or Somalia here. So it must be those techniques I get in spam! Btw, you can go to <a target="_new" href="" rel="nofollow">spamsalad</a> web site to see all the spams I get everyday. Now coming back to the pictures, we really need to see some, don"t we? Otherwise, where is the proof?</p>