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One Red Paper Clip

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Finally the one read paper clip guy has a house. He got it in exchange for a one small red paper clip. What? Yes, it is true. I wonder if the original paper clip is still available and what would online casinos it sell for now? Would I start doing something like Consider the following:1) Suisse data shows that US pension funds have their lowest equity allocations in more than 30 years. that? online casino australia How about this website? Would anyone trade it for a barbeque grill? I am all for it. Bring it on. If that”s too pricey for it, how about a dvd player?

Digg vs Indianpad

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

<p>As a surfer, I spend lot of time on <a target="_new" href="" rel="nofollow">digg</a> and <a target="_new" href="" rel="nofollow">indianpad</a>. Indianpad can be called a clone of digg and is very similar to digg in terms of functionalities. But there are differences as well. I try to list the the most important differences below.</p>
<li>Digg is a four letter word, while indianpad is not.</li>
<li>Digg was started by Kevin Rose who is now quite a celebrity and sitting on a good fortune, while indianpad was started by some Mr. Srinivas with no further details available.</li>
<li>Digg is <a href="">always</a> vibrant with thousands of visitors online, while indianpad is visited frequently by only few people with ids, avaksi, garamvideos, djakeel, amiable_indian, beachbong, millvartan etc.</li>
<li>For many items in digg, there are quite a few comments, on indianpad comments are very few <a href="">and</a> far in between.</li>
<li>Speaking of comments, digg allows users to vote on the comments as well where as indianpad does not.</li>
<li>When promoted to the front page of digg, stories literally catch on fire gaining diggs rapidly; on indianpad showing up on the front page usually makes no difference.</li>
<li>Digg shows some ads and the revenues are earned solely by Kevin; in indianpad ad revenue goes to the user who posted the story. Just by posting a link to other people"s stories you can be a millionaire on indianpad. Talk about get rich quick!</li>
<li>Digg is primarily for technology related stuff where non-technology related material are posted quite frequently; Indianpad is mostly for hot and sexy videos where non hot and sexy video material appear sometimes.</li>

Google is too Full? Spam is King

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

<p>Looks like google"s machines are just full, according to <a href="" rel="nofollow"> this article </a>. Well really? Web is becoming too full of spam. It is true I get so much spam everyday, but I keep deleting them! Google seems to have indexed lot of spam sites, and not legitimate sites. According to Eric Schmidt : "Those machines are full"! If Google can not buy another thousand machines, then I have some ideas: ask their employees to remember some of the web pages, or hire cheap labor in India or China to do so. But coming back to more serious issue, I immediately got to thinking, how I can use <a href="">it</a> to my favour! So I obtained a trial version of mass blogging software (I only obtain trial versions or <a href="" >online casino</a> free softwares) and created a whole bunch of spam sites. Well, where are they? I could have put links to those sites from here, but why bother? They have better chance of appearing on search results than this site. So I simply put link to this site on those web pages. There is no need to do the other way around. Now let"s see if I get a few visitors and get rich from the ads!</p>